Who Is Doubting Thomas?

Doubting Thomas was one of the twelve disciples. Although he followed Jesus for years and witnessed lots of miracles, he did not believe it when others told him that Jesus had risen from the dead. He wanted to see the nail marks in his hands for himself as evidence. Thomas was a follower of Jesus. He wanted to believe Jesus was alive. He just could not bring himself to believe it based on what others had said. When Thomas finally saw Jesus for himself, Jesus showed Thomas the holes in his hands. Do you want to have faith but feel hindered by your own skepticism? Are you a Doubting Thomas? God is not mad at you. He wants to reveal himself to you in a loving way.

This blog exists for someone who wants to become a Christian but needs more—more evidence, more logic, more invitation, more explanation. Ideally, the blog will help this person reflect on what he or she believes and why. It will help this person overcome the  subconscious inclination to doubt and see the nail marks in Jesus’ hands.