Need for Uniqueness

Everyone you know believes in Christianity. Could that be the reason you reject it? Everyone has a desire to be unique. In settings where there is little room to express uniqueness, that craving may be magnified. Consider the school setting. Students are rarely treated as individuals. They do not often have the right to choose what they will read or study. In this setting, we would expect to see individuals with a strong desire to differentiate themselves. Hence, we sometimes see the odd-colored hair or attention-grabbing clothes. The desire for uniqueness can also be seen in the large corporation setting with the cubicle decorations. The longing for uniqueness also intensifies for people with personalities that would be considered independent.

Are you in a setting where you are not treated like an individual? Would you consider yourself independent? Do you shy away from clothing trends and follow your own fashion rules? Don’t let these factors affect your decision to accept or reject Christ. Give Christianity a fair chance. Let go of everything you think you know and research it. Don’t reject because you know a few basics or just because it is popular!


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