Do you kinda believe in Jesus but also sort of think reincarnation is a possibility? When you think it through, the combination of the two belief systems is simply incompatible. Let’s look at both belief systems.

In reincarnation, humans are granted multiple chances to obtain a type of perfection. In this belief system, people work at achieving the right attitude and actions.

Now, let’s look at Christianity as it is presented in the Bible. Mankind is not expected to achieve perfection. Instead, a person must recognize and accept Jesus as the sinless Son of God and his or her Savior. With this act of humility, the person is granted a perfect standing before God as a gift. Then the Holy Spirit lives alongside of their soul to influence him or her to make the right choices and attitudes.

Do you see how the two cannot be reconciled? Either perfection is earned or it is a gift. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, then let go of your false beliefs in reincarnation. Put your full TRUST in Jesus Christ to make you presentable before a perfect God. Even with unlimited lifetimes, I guarantee you will never be able to achieve the kind of perfection that our holy and glorious God is worthy of. Jesus is the only one who can do that.


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