According to scientists, rejection triggers real pain in our bodies. Think back to the times you experienced rejection. It may still hurt to think about it. You may have been rejected by one or more parents. Siblings or school peers may have rejected you. Then there is the most painful type of rejection: unrequited love. Now think of the times you have rejected others. You may barely be able to remember those people, but they remember you because they still feel the sting of your rejection.

Consider for a moment how God might feel. Yes, that’s right—God. Have you rejected him? Has he reached out to you through other Christians only to have you shut them down? Have you been invited to church and rejected their invitations? God has all of the emotions that humans do. The Bible says we are made in his image. In fact, he loves so much more deeply than any human ever has. If you are currently experiencing rejection from someone you love, perhaps God is using that circumstance to demonstrate His love for you and your rejection of Christ. I encourage you to stop rejecting the God who loves you and accept Christ into your heart. It is the best decision you will ever make.

If you are a Christian who has accepted Christ as your Savior, you may want to take a moment now to forgive those who rejected you. After all, there was a time you rejected Christ and He forgave you. Set yourself free from bitterness and say aloud, “I forgive ____________ for ___________________________.” Now take a minute to ask God to move the hearts of those you rejected to forgive you. There. That’s better, isn’t it? Stay blessed.



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