Re: Your Fear of God

Dear Doubting Thomas, You said you are unsure if you want to become a Christian because you are afraid of God. You said, “God slayed lots of people in Sodom and Gomorrah and during Noah’s time. What kind of God kills people?” Well, we must know that men are made in God’s image. Men cannot have a greater understanding of justice than their own Maker. God can see inside the hearts of men and saw they were evil. (Yes, every single person that was killed in Sodom and Gomorrah by God was truly wicked!) As Creator, it is God’s right to punish wickedness with death. In some ways, we are all wicked because we all sin. God is the only one who is good. God does not have to punish all of us for our sinfulness with death. Instead, God provides a way for us to escape the punishment. He sent his son to die for us so we can be spared from the punishment of death. This gift of eternal life is a special gift from God. If you accept God’s free gift of salvation, there is no reason for you to fear God. Sincerely, Your Friend in Christ

*Do you want to become a Christian? Click HERE to access the prayer of salvation.

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