Re: Your View of Church

Dear Doubting Thomas, You said you do not attend church and see no reason anyone should. You said, “Going to church does not make you a Christian.” While that is true, there are many important reasons to attend church. 1) God is worthy of our praise. Praise and worship help us remember we are God’s children. 2) Gathering in the name of Jesus to discuss his teachings helps us to live by God’s Word. 3) We need others to pray for us, and we need to pray for others. We need encouragement from other Christians to live honorable lives. 4) Churches serve the community through giving and volunteers. By attending and participating in church, you have opportunity to serve Christ with the support of an organization. 5) Churches often provide activities to its members. Through these fun activities, lifelong friendships are made. Going to church may not make you a Christian, but it is a powerful tool to obtain and maintain a strong faith. When we do all of these things, God shows up in a big way.  God sees whatever sacrifice you must make to attend church and will reward you in ways only he can. Hope to see you in church on Sunday! Sincerely, Your Friend in Christ

*Do you want to become a Christian? Click HERE to access the prayer of salvation.

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