Re: Your Distrust in Paul’s Writings

Dear Doubting Thomas, You said you believe in the Bible mostly, but you cannot accept Paul’s teachings. You say he was not Jesus’ disciple so he does not have the authority to teach about Jesus. Since Paul wrote over ten books in the New Testament, that means you reject a large percentage of the New Testament. Something for you to consider is that the disciples Peter and Luke both regarded Paul as a teacher with authority. In 2Peter 3:16, Peter indicates his writing should be respected. Luke referred to Paul as an apostle (see Acts 14). Although Paul did not follow Jesus with the other 12 disciples, Jesus did appear to him on the road to Damascus. The Lord told Ananias about Paul and called him a “chosen instrument.” This role was fulfilled when Paul traveled extensively to carry the gospel to other nations. His travel is chronicled by Luke in Acts 18. Christians can trust Paul’s teachings with confidence along with the rest of the New Testament. Sincerely, Your Friend in Christ

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