Re: Creation & Science

Dear Doubting Thomas, You said you want to become a Christian but you think the Bible conflicts with scientific evidence that is contrary to it. You asked, “How could the earth be created in 7 days when scientists say the earth is the result of a big bang that happened billions of years ago? Where do the dinosaurs come in?” Well, some Christians think the scientific tools used to hypothesize the age of the earth are incorrect because they are imperfect. Some Christians think the seven days mentioned in creation were not 24 hour days and that the earth is actually pretty old. The Big Bang theory requires some supernatural spark to initiate the process, which science cannot explain and Christians say was God. Many of those Christians think dinosaurs coexisted with humans. Yet other Christians feel no need to reconcile scientific theories with creation and simply admit they do not know, but the Bible is still true. The Bible can be interpreted in many ways, and God is under no obligation to explain every detail to his creation. The Christian belief in creation includes a variety of interpretations. Do not let something simple like a scientific theory keep you from knowing your Maker! Sincerely, Your Friend in Christ

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