Re: Your Issue With Abortion

Dear Doubting Thomas, I heard that you want to be a Christian, but you do not agree with the Christian opinion on the issue of abortion. You think Christians are insensitive and out-of-date. By way of explanation, this stance on abortion is based on the concept that life begins at conception. At that time, God equips this developing human with a soul. When a woman receives an abortion, it ends the life of this tiny developing human. Not only that, but it extinguishes the opportunity for that soul to experience life outside the womb. Many Christians agree that abortion is a sin but not everyone. Furthermore, some Christians have had abortions in the past. It should be noted the Bible states that Christ’s blood covers all sin. You do not have to agree or have a perfect past to become a Christian. I hope that helps you understand the point of view on abortion by certain Christians. Sincerely, Your Friend in Christ

P.S. Christians often quote Jeremiah 1:5 to support their viewpoint. It is a passage spoken from God to a prophet. The Lord said, “Before I formed you in your mother’s body I chose you. Before you were born I set you apart to serve me…” (NIRV). These words suggest the soul coexisted with the developing human life inside the womb.

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