Re: Your Disbelief in God

Dear Doubting Thomas, The other day you said you’re very intelligent and simply don’t believe in God or anything supernatural. You’re smart—I get it. I want to ask you a few questions though. Do you have a bad relationship with your dad? Or are your parents divorced? Or do you happen to be a high-functioning autistic person? No I’m not psychic, and nobody told me about you. It may seem as though these things are independent of your disbelief in God, but they can impact a person’s ability to perceive God. Just do me a favor and take some commonsense steps to research Christianity before you settle on atheism. Say a prayer asking God to reveal himself to you. Discuss your disbelief with a pastor of a church. Look into at least some of the fulfilled prophecies in the Bible. Ponder the archaeological evidence that supports the Bible. Otherwise, you could miss your opportunity for eternal life. Sincerely, Your Friend in Christ.

P.S. It would seem someone has linked to this post from some kind of atheism forum, which is fine. However, this blog will probably not appeal to many atheists who are simply content to disbelieve in God. It should be of interest to Doubting Thomas though! (Who Is Doubting Thomas?) The questions asked in this blog post are derived from two sources: 1) a study on autism and atheism that linked the two, and 2) a book based on the backgrounds of well-known atheists. The study, book, and this blog assert seemingly unrelated factors in someone’s life can impact (not determine) faith. Neither of them claim that every single atheist possesses this background or that everyone from this background is atheist.

P.S.S. Mankind rejected God with the original sin. If we want to be reconciled with him, we should take steps to seek him out. He is waiting eagerly for us to ask. If someone claims to disbelieve in God based on rationale, it makes sense to research the evidence before denying the belief or (like Lee Strobel, find that the evidence does point to a real God.

*Do you want to become a Christian? Click HERE to access the prayer of salvation.

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